O U R   S T O R Y  -  T E Q U I L A  S U N R I S E  - A N G U I L L A  V I L L A  R E S O R T

We vacationed on many Islands in the Caribbean before deciding to build our dream home in Anguilla.  It started with a day trip to Anguilla 16 years ago. We fell in love with the people, the beaches and the best food in the Caribbean, so we kept coming back!


Our search for land began with our agent Theo Smith who found us our “piece of paradise” 150 feet from beautiful secluded Dropsey Bay, which we now call Lover’s Cove. Joel lost his wedding ring in that water while snorkeling so we feel forever connected to the sea there.


The process of obtaining an Alien Landholder’s license to buy property in Anguilla was even more complicated than getting approved from a New York City Co-op Board. But expert assistance and guidance from Kenneth Porter and Michelle Smith our attorneys at the firm of Keithley Lake & Associates made everything flawless.


Our next step was to find an architect. After several recommendations and upon seeing some of his previous projects Ian Edwards of Sunset Homes, know locally as “Sugar George”, was our choice. He has since won five International Architectural Awards. He is young, energetic, innovative and very familiar with the Island.  We tore up a lot of paper in what seemed like forever but he and his wife Janine helped us so much with design ideas and were actually able to finalize plans in a few short months. Local builder, Leroy Gumbs of Leeward Construction,  honored his promise to give our villa 100% of his attention. We are so happy to have worked with him and his lovely wife Denease and his fabulous, extremely hard working crew.


Fritz Smith, our project manager sent us weekly photos and then finally one photo of the Anguilla flag flying from our rooftop to signify that we now had a roof over our heads. How we loved that day! We’ve been told that we may have set a record as exactly one year to the date as promised that our 5,500 square foot villa was completed.  It was Christmas Eve and the crew and our family  all had dinner together from the Long Path BBQ as we turned on the water for the first time. The best part of this experience is that we get to share it with our family.


Sitting on the beach one day with our two sons, Cory and Justin, we were trying to decide on a name for our villa. They both looked at Joel sipping his favorite Tequila Sunrise drink and exclaimed together at once… that’s it… and so Tequila Sunrise The Villa was born.


It was important to us to have an open outdoor feel throughout with a courtyard and stairs leading to the second floor master suites. All three of these master suites are air conditioned with king size beds, and very large bathrooms with lovely soaking tubs and outdoor showers so our guests can enjoy the romantic feeling of being surrounded by water on three sides.


Tequilas amenities include Poggesi bath and body products, a full library with current bestsellers, games, slippers and robes, luxurious bamboo towels and Italian soft sheets. There is a Keurig Coffee system with many choices including hot chocolate which seems to be a huge hit. Guests love the Patron Tequila dispenser that is always flowing freely for our guests at 8 degrees at the touch of a button.


We worked with Maris Edwards on the design, furniture and colors of the interior of Tequila. So little was accessible locally that we were forced to outsource tiles, railings, windows, appliances, and the building materials from Italy, China, the United States and Indonesia.  We chose  ocean blue tinted hurricane proof windows to keep out some heat and ultra violet rays and avoided the need for storm shutters. All of the artwork throughout the villa is by Anguillian resident Lynne Bernbaum. Joel designed the large living room sculpted metal light fixture with a welder in St. Maarten then had a to charter a boat to get it over to Anguilla.


One of our first guest was Joel’s sister Lynn who sent a fabulous house gift… our life – sized goat named Billy she found by chance in a yarn shop going out of business. Shipping him to Miami to St. Maarten to Anguilla was really a fun experience with emails and calls from custom agents regarding- a what? A goat? Billy is such a big hit, everyone loves him and moves him around the house like a mascot. In fact two past guests, Jennifer and Lorne, got married at Tequila Sunrise Villa and dressed Billy in a little Tuxedo to be the Best Man.


Kenroy Herbert is our concierge and villa manager. We don’t know where he gets all of his energy. Sometimes we think he must have a twin.  Heather Heyliger, our housekeeping manager, treats Tequila like her own. She Is wonderful with the guests, loves the children, and makes the most delicious drinks and breakfasts. You will surely be in for a treat, and never want to leave.


Our exquisite photography is by Friederike Paetzold of New York City. Our new website is designed and maintained by Jayne Bierman of Classy Websites. We are so pleased, and it was a pleasure to work together on this project.


We see fantastic Sunrises and Sunsets from the villa and our recipe to enjoy both and the hours in between is:


Fill a Tumbler to the top with ice

Add one part silver Patron to one part orange juice

Drizzle Red Grenadine over the top ever so slightly

And there you have it…

A Perfect Tequila Sunrise!