Our Guests Having Fun with Billy
Billy on Hammock
Billy at Elvis Beach Bar
A Fun Day with Billy
Billy Visits Scilly Cay
Billy Sees St. Barths & St. Maarten!
Billy Loves New Years Eve
Shane with Billy
Billy Loves Tequila Big Time
Billy Getting Ready for a Swim
Joel and Robin Spoiling Billy
This Goat Really Thinks I'm Real
Robin & Billy's Afternoon Champagne
Billy Dines at the Straw Hat
Billy Tours the Heritage Trail
Billy Tours the Wallblake House
Billy Tours the Pumphouse
Billy Really Loves the Pumphouse
Billy Loves the View
Billy Visits Irie Life
Billy's Tired From the Trip
Billy Takes a Bath
The Kids Love Billy
The Guests Love Billy
Move Over Heather
More Drinks for Billy
Heather and Billy
Dinner Time for Billy
Coffee with Billy
Billy's Favorite Hat
Billy Wants Some Service
Billy and His Friend Buttons
Billy Reading Anguilla Life Magazine
Billy Reading a Book
Billy with Justin and Cassie
Billy Loves Tequila
Billy Loves Dinner at Barrel Stay
Billy Wasted at Bachelorette Party
Billy Eats Lorne's Potatoes
Billy in His Robe
Billy Trying to Eat Our 1st Coconut
Billy and His Little Cousin
Billy Can Finally See

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One of Tequila Sunrise’s first guests was owner Joel’s sister Lynn. She sent a fabulous house gift of a life sized goat named Billy that she found in a yarn shop. Shipping him to Miami to St. Maarten to Anguilla was really a fun experience with emails and calls from custom agents regarding - a what? A goat?

Robin and Joel instantly fell in love with Billy and adopted him as Tequila's Mascot. Guests adore Billy and take him around the Island while photographing him with their families.

Restaurants have asked for him to visit and he always checks their menus for Goat. You can see all the photos on this page and follow Billy's adventures.

Billy has his own email address, and receives so much mail he needs help opening it from Heather our housekeeper. Feel free to email Billy at